Thursday, September 19, 2013


I have never cared much for chocolate cake.
In fact, I have really never cared for anything chocolate, unless it is dark chocolate.
A bar of dark chocolate I will savor for sure, but others hardly tempt me.
But that is an opinion.
This does not mean I hate it.
It does not mean I will ban it.
It does not mean that I dislike people who love chocolate, and would otherwise have me stoned for thinking such vile things.
It does not make me a chocolate bigot.
Maybe it's Choco-phobia!!
But there are people who really, really despise the mere thought of chocolate on their vanilla ice cream, so I guess you can call them chocolate bigots.
There are those who hate chocolate with a burning passion, and it matters not what kind it is.
If is Germman chocolate, they hate it.
If it is white chocolate, they hate it.
If it is milk chocolate, they hate it.
It's choco-phobia!!
But what if it is dark chocolate?
They hate it.
If it is cocoa?
Hate it!
What about mocha?
Hate that too!
If it is chocolate covered anything, they hate it.
If it is hot chocolate, they hate it.
A whopping case of choco-phobia!!
There are those who cringed when Hershey's introduced the "Hugs" intermingled white and milk chocolate kisses.
Hated it!
Their world was turned upside down, I bet.
And don't even asking me about Choco-vine.
There are just those kinds who suffer needlessly because of choco-phobia.
Now, if you are allergic to chocolate, then I suppose that is one thing, but to feel so vehemently about chocolate might be construed as criminal by a handful of chocolate zealots.
Some may declare jihad against chocolate, or even jihad for chocolate.
For me, it's just not something I care for.
I am not afraid of it, so I hold no choco-phobias at all toward chocolate.
I never witnessed the mixing of dark chocolate with milk chocolate, or white chocolate with German chocolate, and so on and so on, so I have not been scarred by witnessing such atrocities.
of choco-mania
No one has every tried to coerce me with promises of chocolate, or tried to recruit me to the other side and possibly make me represent the chocolate brigade of chocolate lovers.
If you have read this much, then you have probably recognized some of the underlying tones of the 21st Century American society.
Choco-phobia = bias.
Choco-phobia = liberalism.
Choco-phobia = political correctness.
It kinda sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?
That's because it is, and that is what most of us sound like each day.
Let common sense escape you, and live an agenda, and you will see yourself pointing and accusing people of the most idiot type of thinking, when it fact, you're the idiot.
"You don't like chocolate? You must be a racist...a choco-phobe..."
Live an agenda and before long, you might began to realize that you are the one with the phobias, fears and bias.
Embrace stupidity long enough and common sense, what little you may have had in the first place, will be gone.
The sad part is that if you hang onto that hate, that choco-phobia, you hardly notice that you've probably lost your remaining mental faculties.
You become so consumed with issues and causes apart from you, that you lose sight of the common goal.
In American, we call it freedom.
While the definition of freedom is diluted by special interests and the real choco-phobes, it still exists within every one of us.
And those freedoms, many claim, are being eroded by those who've declared war against an ideology of hard work and that thing we used to call the American Dream.
For those who embrace the ideas and want a return to "normalcy" and a time when ideas could be exchanged politely, I salute you.
You have expressed a desire to succeed without someone handing you this or that type of choco-hand out.
If you if you are one of  the nay-sayers who read this and regard the ideas put forth as archaic at best, and at worst, garbage, congratulations you have choco-phobia.
If you cannot engage in a coherent exchange of ideas, then hallelujah you have a raging case of choco-phobia.
If you have ever accused someone of being a bigot because they either didnt agree with you, or they didn't support the ideas of the current administration, then, yes, you have choco-phobia.
We don't have to agree all the time. You can have an opinion....GASP (again).
That again, is called freedom.
By the way, if someone sees eye-to-eye with you, it does not make them a hero.
It just means they share your biases.
It's time to put all that aside, and unite as a country.
We need to remember that the rights  and our constitution belong to all of us, not an elite few, and that the laws are designed to protect all of us and exempt no one. Especially the choco-phobic.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Selling World War III: America's Neville Chamberlain addresses Syria's Civil War

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama, the man I like to call America's Neville Chamberlain, told America why he thinks the Syrians need the United States to launch cruise missiles at their country, and possibly start World War III.
He did this on the same day that Syria agreed to turn over their chemical weapons to the international community and cease using them.
Thus, there was hardly a reason for his speech, if the Syrians follow through, thereby making Vladimir Putin into the diplomatic hero Obama hoped he would be.
But, he is rankled because he so wanted to launch those missiles, turn Syria into a wasteland and hopefully create another political vacuum, just like Libya.
Well, maybe not.
He only knows for sure, right?
Here are a few fast facts in this whole sordid mess.
For the last week, the Obama Administration has shuffled back and forth on the use of force; going from exercising the so-called presidential powers and doing it himself, to then deciding it would be better to consult with the Senate and the House of Representatives before lobbing missiles and fiery mayhem on the Syrians.
Like a lot of people, I see this as a helping hand to al-Qaeda, and hardly a way to punish Syria's President Assad for the alleged use of Sarin gas, Napalm or other nerve agents against his own people.
Nope, this is the door way to a very big and nasty war, and one we won't win. Russia has warned us, China has warned us, and Iran has warned us.
The allies that normally back us in a pinch, are not backing the U.S. at all.
They are as tired of the fighting as we are, but they also recognize that there are no good guys in this fight, unlike our president.
And that is the biggest problem in this whole mess.
He wants to help al-Qaeda in Syria.
 Even the United Nations, which can hardly be trusted either, is demanding the U.S. wait until they have all the information.
Still, for whatever reason, Mr. Chamberlain..., I mean Obama is determined to take some kind of military action and sent his Secretary of State, the nefarious Mr. Heinz Ketchup himself, John Kerry, who dishonored his medals and uniform by appearing with the communist Jane Fonda in 1971, to appear before congressional and senate panels in an effort to sell the concept of missile shots into Damascus, and why victory could be achieved on a small scale.
Some stood firm and demanded that answers still needed to be made about Benghazi, which a former colleague of mine claimed had already been made.
That of course, is inaccurate. What is also inaccurate is the "red line." Everyone remembers the red light, right? It was that line, Mr. Obama said Syria would cross if they used chemical weapons,which by the way they received from Iraq and Saddam Hussien (do you miss GW yet?) but that is neither here no there, right?
So there is that red line screaming at the president from his past and daring him to walk the walk.
Instead, Mr. Obama now denies he set the red line.
"I didn't set a red line, the world set a red line...Congress set a red line when it ratified that credibility is not on the line, the international community's credibility is on the line," Obama said.
But he also said this: "A red line for us, is that we see a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around and being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation."
Everyone heard him say it, but maybe, just maybe,, we've dreamed this whole damned thing.
Naah. That would be too easy.
And besides, this is a nightmare.
Every last bit of it.
The wars, the panty-waisted rhetoric and the bodies that still come home on American planes is all part of the nightmare, which gets worse each moment of each day.
Justice Jeanine Pirro asked, "Why is killing one way more heinous and worthy of our response than another?"
It's not.
But it is also not our fight.
Frankly, America is tired of all the crap. Tired of politicians like Obama, Clinton, McCain, Biden and their ilk.
Tired of them all meddling in wars that need warriors to win it, not the panty waist leadership we are currently stuck with in Washington.
We are tired of the Neville Chamberlain-esque leadership of Barack Obama and the do nothing congress and senate.
It is well past time for America to wake up.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Obtaining Fierce Mastery

What is this world coming to? What is happening to our country? Those are questions some of us who are paying close attention hear almost daily. Some of us scan through the memes on Facebook pages proclaiming our founding fathers "would be shooting by now," and they probably would. They were a heartier bunch that the current crop of Americans. They had this thing called Fierce Mastery going for them. What is that? It's that thing that binds people in commonality, fellowship and brotherhood for a just and common cause. I used this term Sunday while teaching my Sunday School class. I didn't coin the phrase of Fierce Mastery. No, it was coined by Hebrew Writer Robert Alter, and sort of used by Christian author John Eldredge in his book, "Waking the Dead: The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive." Can we just say that Eldredge is a master? Yeah, he is, and if you have read anything this man has written, you would totally understand. Eldredge understands the heart of man, the heart of Christians, and he works diligently to understand the heart of God. Morever, when you think about it, Eldredge understands freedom, too. Now, in this particular chapter, Eldredge talks about Fierce Mastery and how as Christians we need to integrate the principles of healing, counseling, discipleship and warfare to achieve a Fierce Mastery that allows Christians to see with the eyes of their heart, understand that there is a spiritual battle that has always been going on, and whether you like it or not, you're a soldier in one army or the other. Good stuff mind you. I have been thinking of Fierce Mastery and believe that this applies not to spiritual freedom, but political freedom.
I used the example of my Marine training in class. On a summer day in May 1986, my company was in a two week field exercise. My squad was dug in fighting positions looking down a valley. We'd been there a while, and it was hot. I'd used too much of my water to camo up and my canteen was dry. I told my buddy I was crawling out for a fill up at the water buffalo. Instead, I made the idiot move of standing straight up out of my position, making myself visible to aggressors from the valley floor. My drill instructor was right there. He picked me up by the front of my shirt and slammed me back in the hold. A string of expletives spewed from his mouth as I rubbed the dust from my eyes. "Do you want to die, Marine? Do that when the bullets are flying and you won't have a head. You will go home in a body bag." I never did that again. Fierce Mastery. We need it, and we don't have it. None of us do. We are so far removed from our founding fathers, that it would be no surprise if they laughed at us. This country is in a pickle, and most pundits are exercising the ostrich posture instead of taking a more active stance in the country. I have seen a few of the haughty and high and mighty among them, spouting this elitists nonsense, telling everyone that it is how it is, and that is how it always has been. That, ladies and gents is nothing more than weak. Spineless, blind acceptance of this evolution from semi-freedom to tyranny. It is being an apologist, being in denial, accepting the status quo and really acting like nothing at all is out of the ordinary.
Thus, they become complicit, either because they turned a blind eye, or they chose not to exercise anything that resembles Fierce Mastery. Example of a failure to achieve Fierce Mastery: Maj. Nidal Hassan. This guy has been in the brig since 2009. He has been drawing pay since then for killing 13 of our troops on Fort Hood. Yes, there is due process. But he is what should be considered a war criminal. Our founding fathers would have dealt with this by now. But he gets one delay after another, and in the end, those families will not see justice. So how do I get this, you ask? Does it come in a can or a bottle? Can you buy it? No. It comes from within all of us. It is your will to fight and die if you have too. It is your will to be better. It is your will to be free. Fierce Mastery of your surroundings, your family, your life and your country. You gain Fierce Mastery by submission. That is right. Submission. Submit to God, and He takes care of it. He gives you the strength to pursue freedom through righteousness. He gives you the wisdom to know what to do, who to trust and to listen and learn as much as you can learn. Our country is in trouble, and she may not last. That is, unless we achieve Fierce Mastery and take her back. There is no reason for failure, unless you...all of us decide here and now America isn't worth it. It the grand scheme of things, it doesn't take much to achieve Fierce Mastery. All you have to do is change your mind.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sequestration thing and the great big lie

It never fails. Every time there is money involved, the Feds break out the notorious red pen and threaten the elderly, the kids, the troops and first responders with their jobs. When Americans were staring down the abyss that become known as the Fiscal Cliff, we heard then. "Oh, those Social Security checks won't be mailed unless those damned Republicans do this or that." We hear all the rhetoric, and then under scrutiny from the mainstream media mostly, they give in and give the president what he wants. It usually amounts to an extension of sorts, and then it starts all over again. But what does the sequestration mean to the vast number of Americans? Those average joes and janes who pay taxes, sit in traffic to and from work, or work from home? It really depends on who you ask. In most cases, here is the fear of deep military cuts, cuts in Medicare and Medicaid spending--which translates to cuts to the elderly, indigent children and food stamp recipients. Other resulting cuts would possibly affect the TSA, Border Patrol, and other government employees, including contractors, who though are not necessarily government employees, but have contracts to perform work. A brief explanation on puts it something like this: "In general, sequestration entails the permanent cancellation of budgetary resources by a uniform percentage. Moreover, this uniform percentage reduction is applied to all programs, projects, and activities within a budget account. However, the current sequestration procedures, as in previous iterations of such procedures, provide for exemptions and special rules. That is, certain programs and activities are exempt from sequestration, and certain other programs are governed by special rules regarding the application of a sequester. Huh? OK, what this means is that some in the government (Republicans) want to impose automatic spending cuts to the government because the cost of running the said government is not bringing in enough money to operate. (Democrats) don't want to impose spending cuts, because it will cause some of their primo programs to be cut, and since they are in the majority in most cases, the threat of a government shut down looms, and would make the Republicans look uncaring if they let it happen. Remember the last time that happened? It was 1994-1995, Republicans had a majority in Congress, Newt Gingrich was Speaker and was constantly at odds with the Clinton White House, which by then looked pretty vulnerable. The government shut down for a time, and in the end, Clinton's finger pointing at the Republican controlled congress cost them seats, cost Gingrich his speakership and led to a second term for Clinton. So what are we really talking about? About $85 billion in cuts, which is roughly about three percent of the annual federal budget. By the way, $85 billion looks like this: $85,000,000,000. And our deficit of $16.5 trillion, looks like this: $16,500,000,000,000 I mere drop in the bucket really, when you compare. In order to beat the March 1 deadline, President Barack Obama got started last week with a flurry of special meetings. As has been the practice for many years, the President made the rounds and met recently with the governors of all 50 states. He asked them to pretty please speak with their congressional representatives and ask them to back his plan and avoid a shut down. The governors, some of them anyway, responded in kind and began making the rounds to the Sunday political talk shows. On CBS "Meet the Press," a bevy of bi-partisan governors let their voices be heard, and as expected some of the responses followed the party line. "I think the effects will be significant, and people will feel them," Gov. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., predicted. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewder, who has continually challenged Obama on illegal immigration issues in her state,agreed the federal government needed to work harder, but it may not be all doom and gloom as many believe. "We know there has to be some kind of compromise, but dang it, they need to get the job done," Brewer said. Virginia Gov, Bob McDonnell agreed with Brewer, but by the same token many in his state might still feel the pinch. "The sequester was put in place to be a hammer, not a policy," McDonnell said. "And now here we are just a week away from getting it done. Our major concern that [Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin] O'Malley and I have, because we're such defense states -19 installations, 25,000 defense contractors in Virginia - is you have to cut because we're in bad shape; $17 trillion almost in debt now. But don't put 50 percent of the cuts on defense. ...That's not the right way to balance the cuts that are necessary. Find another way to do it and get it done now." Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is viewed by many as a top GOP presidential candidate for 2016, was ticked off and said it was time for Obama to quit using scare tactics and start being a leader. "It just seems like we go from one crisis to the next," he said. "Right now, the whole talk in Washington is obsessed with Fiscal Sequestration. It seems we go from one crisis to the next. First, it's debt ceiling and the Fiscal Cliff, and today it's Sequestration. In two months it will be Fiscal Armageddon and then Fiscal Apocalypse. There is always some new manufactured crisis here in Washington, D.C." So which is it? Is it another crisis, which we seem to have a lot of? Or is one big lie? Do we make the cuts and let the government shut down? Do we swallow yet another massive tax increase and watch the dollar shrink more and more? My guess is that the Republicans will once again cave, or extend this, as Jindal says, to Fiscal Apocalypse. We will see on Friday.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff, the Mayans and you're a racist

It won't be long now. In three weeks or so the American economy will plummet herky-jerky over the Fiscal Cliff and it even though it is obvious who is at fault, it will not stick to this President. It is as if Bill Clinton has worked Rumpelstiltskin-like magic on President Obama that allows him to do his every whim. Well Shazam!! It saddens most of Americans that we are in the state we are in, but few are standing up. not because they don't want to stand up, but because they are afraid. They are afraid of being ridiculed, singled-out, chastised and persecuted over the mere thought of standing up. And why not?
If they stand up, they lose and the media ignores them as just another kook; just another ultra-conservative nut-job that cannot adjust to the new way of thinking. Hey, I am still trying to figure out what was wrong with the old way of thinking. In the interim, the government will shut down on Jan. 1 and when that happens, the Republicans will get the blame. Just like they did in 1996 when the government shuttered their doors. Ironically, it's the Democrats that have stonewalled and blocked this and that in the Senate, and at the executive level. But it's alright, because he has the best interest of All Americans at heart. Really, it doesn't matter because the Mayan Calendar says we are toast. According to this relic, the long count ends and "something" is gonna happen. We just don't know what that something is. It could be massive devastation, death, dismemberment, looting and discord. Some believe an enlightenment of sorts, or the Age of Aquarius is upon us. Most, however think the Mayans predicted discord and have thus began the stocking up of canned goods.
To me, it brings back images of Y2K. Many thought then that the computers world wide would shut everything down. But it seems we woke up Jan. 1, 2000 just fine with lots of canned goods we could save for a rainy day. Could massive solar flares disrupt the power grid? Yes indeed, and chances are we would know days in advance that it is coming. No need to panic just yet. Besides, some of us have guns and would just go outside the season and bag a deer, a few rabbits and quail and be OK. I will just go and stock up on a few rounds, clean the rifle and wait. I may as well stock up anyway because I may need the extra rounds for the looters and the alleged war of the races, or zombies or skinheads. I just don't know anymore. What I do know if that the world is a far different place than it was when I grew up in the 1960s, 1970s and early 80s. In fact, it is abundantly clear that we live in the Bizarro United States of America. What was right is wrong, and what was wrong is right, illegal is now legal and it is now A-OK.
It's OK for idiots like Chris Rock, a black comedian, to make racially charged jokes. It's OK because Chris Rock is black--to drop the "N" word, and to speak poorly of whites which by the way made him rich. It's OK for idiots like Jamie Foxx to proclaim Barack Obama the Lord and Savior, though I am certain Jesus might have something to say about it. Barack sure as heck didn't hang on the cross and die for my sins, so if you'll excuse me Mr. Foxx I will respectfully disagree. Of course, Foxx, who must use the same comedy writers as Rock, went off during his monologue on Saturday Night Live and indicated how cool it would be to kill white people. While others claim that this was in relation to his new movie, it was still in very poor taste and still wrong. Then there is our president, who during his re-election run established the "African-Americans for Obama" lobby. Seriously folks? Now if Romney,or any other white candidate, set up a group called Caucasians for Romney, Al Sharpton would be on the tube quicker than quick.
Of course, white folks like me cannot be offended by Foxx, Rock, Obama or Sharpton. That would make me a racist for being "concerned" I guess. Let me just say this. Racism is not just something perpetrated on blacks by whites, or on Mexicans by whites, or orientals by whites, etc...You see the pattern? I can speak from experience, that Blacks can also be racist. As a young white boy in the South Houston area, I was one of those "lucky" white boys bussed to another school that as predominately black. It was not OK to be called a honky, cracker or white boy. I didn't like it. I was a hot head and often I didn't care if I was outnumbered. If words were said, I said some of my own. Did I get a beat down? Sometimes, but I didn't just take it. In time, I learned to hate racism from anyone.
I learned that blacks, many it seemed, thought this dislike of whites was not racism, and that it was somehow justified. And that is what we see today. Entitled hate, disguised as comedy because their great-great-great grandparents were possibly slaves, which in some cases is true, and in many cases, aren't. I doubt these black comedians who talk like they do have never suffered like their parents suffered in the 1940s, 1950s, or 60s, but they did learn to hate like their parents felt justified to hate. People like Rock and Foxx, don't know a thing about separate but equal, about having to use a water fountain for blacks only, or being denied services at a lunch counter because their skin is too dark. I am betting that those black comedians have never suffered like their parents did. But if they have, I want to hear their story so that maybe I can understand their justification for this hatred. When one of my children was young (she was barely 3) came home from a visit with her grandparents on my ex-wifes side of the family. We were in a crowded shopping mall when she pointed at a young black man and used the "N" word. I asked her, "where did you learn this word?" "Grampa says it," she said. She was not in trouble, but I made sure the word was not in her vocabulary, and I made sure these grandparents knew what they could and could not say around my kids. I had long stopped using it and had long since become comfortable with many of my fellow black (dark green) Marines. I allowed my children to form their own opinions on blacks like Rock and Foxx, who speak so ignorantly. Believe me, they have. Today we have a black president, and if you disagree with him or his policies, then you're a racist. If you don't laugh at Foxx and Rock, and accept this rant, then you're a racist. Hey, if you're white you have to be a racist only because you're white. No other race can be a racist, either. Now is it just me or is this about the dumbest crap you've ever heard? Welcome to Bizarro America everyone. NEXT UP: BIG BROTHER IN THE PASSENGER SEAT

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A little more on this secession thing and why it's not real.

Since my last blog entry on the secession issue, eight more states have joined in the division fray, upping the total to all them. That's right. Every state thinks they are better than everyone else, that they can do it better than the whole of the gynormous U.S of A.
The best part of this whole stupid issue is that now, those elitists can't just say it's those know-nothing ignorant southerners, or those gun-toting Jesus-landers in the Midwest, or even those isolated Alaskans we seldom hear about. Nope, it is a little bit of everyone now, and I have to wonder if Washington is listening. Yesterday, Texas easily surpassed the 25,000 signature mark that is needed for attention from Washington and in the wake of that milestone, politicians began to chime in. Gov. Rick Perry, who was in the midst of the secession discussion in 2009 during the height of Tea Party popularity, said Texas would not become a sovereign nation. U.S. Rep Ted Poe (R-Humble)said on his Facebook page that while the petition was nice as far as getting Washington to hear you, it would not help a bit if Texas, or any other state, really wants to secede. "You don't go to Washington for that, you talk to your legislators," Poe mused.
While the states are falling in line with this secession thing, the government is laughing. Why? First, because it ain't gonna happen. Any entry that lands on the We the People website, cannot possibly be taken seriously. Sure, we are all frustrated, and hopeful to avoid this fiscal cliff that President Obama and the Congress are driving toward at break-neck speed, but we 50 states will not avoid the coming doom of financial hardship when the car we call the U.S. economy, tanks. Truth be told, and yeah, it's a hard truth. America could have righted this ship in 2008, but instead we elected the inexperienced, radical, and uber-cool Barack Hussien Obama instead of that cantakerous John McCain. Second, there are still other scandals to contend with. The feds have yet to deal with Hooker-gate, which everyone has forgotten about; Fast and Furious, in which no Congressional inquiry is pending; the Benghazi attacks, which the White House and State Department like to pretend didn't happen, and now the Petraeus sex scandal. While the preceding issues are vitally important, none of them are being examined with the scrutiny that Petraeus' sexual dalliances are by Congress. Earlier today, Sen. McCain was asked by a reporter if he thought the Petraeus sex scandal was a greater national security risk than Benghazi. His answer was pretty simple: "That is the dumbest question I've ever heard...There are four dead Americans..." But what we Americans will get is the wastefulness of a Petraeus hearing for weeks on end, and all the while, we are to forget about the other stuff, as the economy continues to spiral into an unrecoverable oblivion. Thus, this secession thing is really nothing more than a distraction. And Americans who really do care about this country, are the ones who are creating the distraction. Seriously people, quit giving this fool of a president an out and make him work. Stop this secession madness and lets focus on the great things this country represents, and fast forward through these four years, hopefully without another financial calamity, government scandal or for that matter, another war. It's time to unite, and stand tall. It's time to be Americans once again. There is no better time than right now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's talk about that Secession thing

It has been a week since President Barack Obama was re-elected to his second term as President of the United States. Since the day after the polls closed, residents in 19 states have signed petitions asking for permission to peacefully leave the United States and go their own way.
In Vermont, the call for independence is pretty common, but probably not as much as in the Lone Star State. In Texas, such talk is so common that you cannot drive down any busy street without seeing at least one bumper sticker with the words "SECEDE" screaming across the image of the Texas flag.
Two weeks ago, I received a notification in my email box from the Texas Nationalist Movement and their efforts to draft state legislation to secede from the United States. While working on a different news story, I contacted one very vocal state representative, who shall remain anonymous. This particular man said, "secession ain't gonna happen." Especially now that Gov. Perry wants to run for President in 2016. Surely it would look awfully stupid if the supposedly elected president of the Republic of Texas would suddenly bolt to the United States to run for their president. It almost sounds like a really bad soap opera (like there are any good ones). Meanwhile, states allegedly began to petition the federal government to peacefully leave the union on a the "We the People" website, which is found at The petitions from each state require 25,000 signatures in a 30 day period, and once that milestone is reached the federal government will contact each signer individually. As of today, Texas' petition had over 60,000 signatures asking for secession. But, some of those signatures were from people living in other states, like North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee, so we will just see about that. So far, the list of states that apparently want to break away include Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, Indiana, Colorado, Michigan, New York and New Jersey. In looking at the map of so-called secessionists states, it nearly resembles the old Confederacy, with a few additions, of course.
Of those 19 states, which amounts to nearly have our present union, the most surprising are New York, New Jersey and Michigan. For years, those three states have been solid liberal bases, while others have been either a solid conservative base or a toss up. With so many states allegedly interested in separation, it might be easier for those other states to eject those individuals who are causing all the problems and tell them to start their own country, and let the other states stay put. So what are the concerns? Some of the signees voiced their anger about the infringement of the federal government on personal liberties, or the call for more states rights. Sound familiar? Crack open a history book and read the chapter on the American Civil War from 1861-1865, and I bet the little bells in your head will start going off. It is the same argument 150 years later. So for all those who are already sounding the racist alarm on Mr. Obama's second term, you can stand down now. That's not the problem people are having. No, it's the same problem of lazy politicians forgetting whom they work for that has gotten millions of people irate. It's that age old desire of common people wanting to be left alone to live their lives without the threat of having their hard earned money taken away, or their civil liberties violated. As in the past, the sound of angry Americans screaming in their ears will hardly get the attention of politicians. Just like in a bad marriage, politicians learned long ago to tune out the din of American angst for the simple reason that Americans are forgetful, and forgiving.
I am sure that the arrogance of a lot of politicians is working overtime, and they are saying to themselves that in a matter of days, or even a few weeks, the silly notion of secession will pass; working people will forget why they were angry in the first place, and when it comes time for re-election those same angry people who hated the politicians will unite and vote for those same politicians again. Most likely, the politicians are correct, and at least the one I spoke to a couple of weeks ago seems pretty confident that the so-called political fire storm and the cry for a legal separation will soon cease. And it most likely will. But there are still questions. Any sane person has to ask, when does the insanity stop? When does it become evident that those we elected are working for us? What will it take for them to listen? What can we do to regulate them, instead of them regulating the people? It has always been paramount for the government to listen. But at the same time, it is also up to the people to remain united and hold those elected to represent us to the fire.
If these big wigs can't handle the pressure of answering to the people, then it is them who need to go. Not the people. Americans built this country, governed this country, and defended this country. Thus, the call for secession, while fun to talk about at times, is ridiculous and only serves to feed the divide that was initiated in the first place by those who really want to see American fade away. It's our country, and I think we are gonna keep it.